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Sontec HR系統能協助處理日常員工請假/補假/外勤工作等申請或查詢,亦自動連接員工打卡記錄及網上申請審批年假/休息日等,減省大量人手整理出勤數據。另外,系統可處理複雜平均工資(713條例)計算,準確計算員工假日薪酬、花紅佣金,避免人手出錯機會,亦大大減輕人力物力,使公司可把資源更充分投放在人材招聘和培訓上。

Broadway Photo Supply Limited


We endeavour to expand our range of solutions beyond retail solutions, to better serve you in different areas of the businesses.
Retail Management System (POS)
Sontec's Retail Management System(POS) is equipped with various modules to suit business in all sizes and sectors. Manage your business anywhere with ease with its integrated sales analytics, inventory control & Membership management & analytics, all compatible with your smart devices. We are here to help you expand your business.
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Retail Management System (POS)

Multi-Channel & Business Model Support

Integrate all your business model and channels in one system. Manage your chain stores, wholesale business, online stores, Facebook group buy platforms, consignment, Franchises and prepaid package models with Sontec Retail Management System(POS).

Customer Relationship & Loyalty Management

Manage everything customer related at your fingertips. With Sontec's CRM features, you can analyse and manage your business' customer database & buying behaviours. You can also manage customer relations on VIP tier-pricing, points reward and redemption, promotional discounts & birthday gift. All of these available in our CRM features and mobile friendly.

Flexible Promotion Mix & Match Rules

Combined with BI features, you can now make market-relevant decisions on your marketing strategy. Plan your promotions based on customer behaviours. Sontec's Retail Management System supports flexible promotion mix and match to enable you target and facilitate promotions exactly to your customers' preferences and more.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Update your inventory with speed and ease. Equipped with batch update, intelligence stock replenishment advice and traceable partial shipment and purchase order handling, you will be able to streamline your inventory management process, while keeping it accurate with the traceable audit log feature.

Analytics, Reports and BI Forecast

Over 50+ built-in report and BI tools for you to review the business performance and forecast. Visualization and dashboard is available for you to design in a minutes. Share and Publishing for key management and review on mobile device is just by a click.

System Integration API

Connect with various systems through API, including SAP, Oracle Finance, MS Dynamics, Sage, QuickBooks, Magento, WordPress, eBay, Amazon, TMall, Sontec Human Resources Management, Sontec Membership Mobile Apps and more.

Human Resources Management System
Human Resources is always one of the key elements to any business. Having a well-designed HR system in your business saves you time in managing all HR matters separately, giving you more time to focus on developing your business, yet keeping your HR information clean and neat.
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Human Resources Management System

Roster, Attendance and Leave

User Self Service Portal for shop supervisor to arrange shift and leave in single web interface. Direct Integrated attendance machine for Overtime Pay or Compensation leave.

Commission, Allowance and Incentive

Configure allowance and incentive calculation setting with ease, even without any programming skill.

Comply with Hong Kong Employment Ordinance

Sontec HRMS base on the ordinance to set up specific handling on the calculation. Minimum Wages, Average Daily Wages (713), Sick leave allowance, Annual Leave Policy, Rest Day Handling, and more. Sontec always shares the industrial practice as advised.

Bank and MPF Trustee Integration

Bank Auto Pay Process and MPF Trustee data exchange facilitate the monthly work process of HR.

Individual Development Plan

Training enrollment feature supports HR user to sort out qualifies staff to join the course and remind shop staff to attend.

Other Outstanding Feature

- Built-in mail merge for document and letter.
- Alert for any licence expiry, probation and approval.
- Support integrate with BI tools

Wholesales Management System
Trade and Wholesale Management System (WMS) is specially designed for Hong Kong SMEs. It consists of several individual modules tailored for users and let customers to choose. We aim to keep lower the cost and simplify the manipulation. Also, it provides a series of analysis reports that help the management predominate the accurate data and carry out the rapid, efficient actions against vigorous changes in the market.
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Wholesales Management System

Advance Order Management Feature

Easy cross-track functions for Quotation, Sales Order, Sales Invoice and purchase orders. Keep track with any short ship order status. Provide the whole picture of stock level versus order status.

All-round Inventory Management

Fully equipped with LOT/ serial number management, Restocking reminders and Smart inventory conversion features.

Sontec Customer Service Panel to Handle Order Delivery

Integrated with Sontec Customer Service Panel to give you a seamless experience in handling logistic and delivery of the shop and web order in one page.

Intelligent Stock Replenishment Suggestion

Manage and restock with the System's Intelligent stock replenishment suggestions. Make restocking decisions effortlessly.

Compatible with External Electronic Tools

Supports Barcode Scanners; Electronic Scales to help you record your inventory accurately. Eliminate human error when stock transfer or stock take.

User-defined Document Templates

Customizable templates to enable you generate documents that suits your business needs.

Online To Offline Solution
In recognising the uprising O2O trend in retail industry, SONTEC designs solutions around such needs. Our O2O solutions enables an online shopping experience in a one-page web design, with features such as product reviews and online check-out. These are all connected to our CMS, Retail and Wholesales Management systems and Customer Service panel, so you can manage your business in one system, online or offline.
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Online To Offline Solution

Integrated with Sontec Hectowise Management System

Seamless integration to our backend system, ensuring inventory integrity and management at ease. Membership data, online transaction order & payment detail, and inventory level will be updated to system automatically. Online shops auto out of stock control to avoid over selling or refund.

Developed Online Shopping Cart

Compatible to E-commerce Content Management platform, such as Shopify, Magento and WordPress. Well integrated data format exchange with Sontec Management System.

Bring Online Customer to Your Shop

With multiple sales channels both online and offline, we integrated O2O services to our Retail Management System, so you can manage your various channels in one go.

Integrate with Sontec Membership App

Manage your online and offline member in a single system. With Sontec memberhip App, new product arrival, promotion, coupon and reward point let you to reach your customer more eaily.

Amazon, eBay and Tmall Online Platform Integration

Support Order Data Import and auto-matching customer and item ID from online platforms such as Amazon and Tmall to centralize sales operations in Sontec Retail and Wholesales Management System.

Yahoo Deal, Groupon and Facebook +1 Order Handling

Manage your inventory and orders from Yahoo! Deal, Groupon and Facebook from SONTEC’s Retail Management System.

Shopify Partner

Provide service for Store Build or Redesign, Store Migration, Product and Collection Setup, Theme Customization and Store Settings Configuration.

Membership Mobile App
With SONTEC’s Membership Mobile App modules, you will be able to engage and drive sales electronically. No more physical membership document, no more printed coupons needed.
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Membership Mobile App

E-membership Mobile App for Reward Point

Mobile Application designed for customer to review membership information and latest reward point for redemption.

Push Electronic Coupons

Push promotional discounts & coupons through the membership app. Save on production cost and reach customers faster.

Push Notification of Marketing Promotion Campaign

Push information on latest marketing promotion with app notification. Easy to share with their friend or community.

Always New to Your Customer

Notify your customers about your latest products and collections via the app. Keep your member refresh on your product and your company.

Membership Tier Pricing Management

With our Membership Management System, you can define tiers in your membership system, allocate different discount and send relative marketing information to your members, making promotions more effective.

Integrated with Sontec Membership System

Integrated with Sontec Membership Mobile App to provide easy customer management in one centralized database.

Financial Management System
Accounting is complicated and most necessary work for every company. In order to improve efficiency, a functional financial management system is important. With Financial Management System (FMS), all you have to do is just a simple data-entry process; it will do the rest for you.
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Financial Management System

Customer & Supplier Management

View and manage payments to and from customers and suppliers with ease. Detail statement and aging report to handling any outstanding payment or receivable.

Inventory Control

Manage Item Master with tier Pricing Strategy, issue sales order and invoice, track purchasing and goods received or delivery in one panel.

Accounting Features

Manage General Ledge, Accounts Receivable/Payable, Bank Reconciliation and more in one system.

Multi-company and Multi-currency Support

Support multi-currency conversion for easy financial management. Separate different company account and control in one single system.

Analytics, Reports and BI Forecast

Generate detailed cost analysis and financial reports with ease. BI tools for you to review the business performance and forecast. Visualization and dashboard is available for you to design in a minutes.

Job/Project Cost Analysis

View and evaluate your project cost efficiency and improve on your operations whenever you want.

Integrate With ERP, BI & Analytics
We fully understand a single system cannot fulfill all needs in business. Therefore, apart from designing state-of-the-art systems, we also work diligently in providing seamless integration across our own and our partners’ systems.
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Integrate With ERP, BI & Analytics

Built-in Report Analytics and BI Tools Integration

Over 50+ built-in report and BI tools for you to review the business performance and forecast.

Support third-party Business Systems and API

Supports commonly used business tools such as Microsoft Power BI, SAP, Oracle Finance, MS Dynamics, Sage and QuickBooks.

E-commerce Platform Integration

Supports integration with ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WordPress, eBay, Amazon and TMall.

Integrated with Sontec Human Resources Management System

Manage your personnel, pay roll and legal compliance with ease with our Sontec Human Resources Management System.

Sontec Membership Mobile Apps Integration

Integrated with Sontec Membership Mobile App to provide easy customer management.

Full Year 365 Days Support

Always on call in public holiday to give you a comprehensive support service.

Coupon Management System
Coupon is a modern marketing strategy and an effective way to maintain the customer relationship in the retail industry. Coupon management is proved a challenge to lots of retailers. HECTOWISE Coupon Management System (CMS) provides an integrated and effective coupon management workflow which helping retailers to manage the coupon process.
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Coupon Management System

Coupon Generation & Inventory

Generate and montior coupon usage and inventory in one system, making verification and expiry management easy.

Integrate with Sontec Membership Mobile Apps

Electronic coupon issue and push to customer mobile at ease.

Encourage to Refer-a-Friend to Your Shop

Integrated with online shopping cart with Refer-a-Friend Campaigns to invite more eye to see your shop. Friends love to share when you really save money.

Time and Issue Limited Coupon Always Attractive

Setting coupon with time or quantity limited always pushing customer to make the decision faster. Periodic coupon release also keep customer focus on your shops.

Personalize Coupon to your Loyal Customer

Coupon issue by different group of customer and focus on there interest to pushing the sales by coupon.

Trace and Analyze Performance

A platform collected the data to reports on analyzing the coupon performance to improve your sales. Track the customer buying behavior, which coupon is the most popular, which channel is the most effective.

Industry Practices
With our strong development team and project manager, Sontec solutions apply in different industries and provide end to end solution.
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